Hey Schoolgirl

G          D7                 G  Eb C G
Hey schoolgirl in the second row
The teacher's lookin' over
      D7                      G  G Eb C G
So I got to whisper way down low
To say "who-bop-a-loo-chi-bop
      G                 D7   G
Let's meet after school at three"

           C                      G
She said, "hey babe, but there is one thing more"
D7                   G
My school is over at half past four
C                            G
Maybe when we're older, then we can date
D7        G
Ooh let's wait!"

She said, "Hey babe I gotta lot of work to do
It takes me hours till my homework is thru
Someday we'll go steady, so don't you fret,
Ooh, not yet!" C G Then she turned around to me with that gleam in her eye D7 G She said, "I'm sorry if I passed you by, C G D7 I'm gonna skip my homework, gonna cut my class, G bug out of here real fast" G D7 G Eb C G Hey schoolgirl in the second row D7 Now we're goin' steady, hear the words G Eb C That I want you to know C G Well it's "Who- bop-a-loo-chi-bop, you're mine D7 G I knew it all the time" -
Пол Саймон
"Paul Simon 1964/1993", 1993
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