Hey Schoolgirl

Hey schoolgirl in the second row
The teacher's lookin' over
So I gotta whisper way down low
To say "who-bop-a-loo-chi-bop,
Let's meet after school at three"

She said Hey babe there's one thing more
My school is over at half-past four
Maybe when we're older then we can date
Ooh, let's wait

She said Hey babe I got a lot to do
It takes me hours 'til my homework's through
Some day we'll go steady, so don't you fret
Ooh, not yet

Hey schoolgirl in the second row
Now we're goin' steady
Hear the words that I want you to know
Well it's who-bop-a-loo-chi-bop, you're mine
I knew it all the time

Then she turned around to me with that gleam in her eye
She said I'm sorry if I passed you by
I'm gonna skip my homework, gonna cut my class
Bug outa here real fast

Пол Саймон и Арт Гарфанкель
single BIG 613, 1957
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