Пол Саймон и Арт Гарфанкель
в вопросах и ответах


Признавая, что Саймон всего лишь аранжировал "Scarborough Fair", "Anji" и мелодию к "El Condor Pasa", мы все же включаем сюда эти песни.

Вместо "Feelin' Groovy" в списке везде следует читать "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)"

Исполнитель               Песня                                     Альбом
5 Blind Boys ...          Bridge Over Troubled Water                Bridge Over Troubled Water
Andy Williams             El Condor Pasa
Andy Williams             Scarborough Fair / Canticle
Annie Lennox              Something So Right                        Medusa (1995)
Aretha Franklin           Bridge Over Troubled Water
Arthur Fiedler            Bridge Over Troubled Water                Peace, Love and Pops (1995)
Barbra Streisand          Punky's Dilemma
Barbra Streisand          Something So Right                        The Way We Were (1987)
Bebe Winans and Cece      Bridge Over Troubled Water                Heaven (1988)
Bert Jansch               Anji
Bert Sommer               America
Big Daddy                 Graceland                                 Cutting Their Own Groove
Bill Cunliffe             America                                   A Paul Simon Songbook    [09]
Bill Cunliffe             Bridge Over Troubled Water                (Discovery 77005, 1993)  [12]
Bill Cunliffe             Feelin' Groovy                            "                        [11]
Bill Cunliffe             I Do It For Your Love                     "                        [02]
Bill Cunliffe             Jonah                                     "                        [06]
Bill Cunliffe             Mrs. Robinson                             "                        [08]
Bill Cunliffe             Oh, Marion                                "                        [03]
Bill Cunliffe             One-Trick Pony                            "                        [04]
Bill Cunliffe             Scarborough Fair                          "                        [05]
Bill Cunliffe             Still Crazy After All These Years         "                        [07]
Bill Cunliffe             The Boxer                                 "                        [10]
Bill Cunliffe             You Can Call Me Al                        "                        [01]
Bill Evans                I Do It for Your Love                     Affinity (1988)
Bill Medley               Bridge Over Troubled Water                Blue Eyed Singer (1991)
Billy Paul                Mrs. Robinson
Blue Aeroplanes           The Boy in the Bubble
Bob Dylan                 The Boxer                                 Self-Portrait (1970)
Bob James                 Take Me to the Mardi Gras                 Two (1975)
Bonepony                  Bleecker Street                           Stomp Revival (1995)
Boney James               Bleecker Street                           Backbone (1994)
Bonnie Tyler              Bridge Over Troubled Water                Free Spirit (1996)
Booker T and MG's         Mrs. Robinson                             Best of (1987)
Buck Owens                Bridge Over Troubled Water                Collection (1992)
Buddy Rich                Keep the Customer Satisfied
Capitol Steps             Red Rubber Ball
Carmen McRae              The Sound of Silence                      Song Time (1995)
Carnival                  The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
Cher                      Homeward Bound
Chet Atkins               El Condor Pasa
Chet Atkins               Homeward Bound
Chet Atkins               Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard       Picks on the Hits (1972)
Cincinatti Pops           Bridge Over Troubled Water                Gospel Celebration (1993)
Cindi Staton              Bridge Over Troubled Water                Cover Me (1997)
Claudio Casanova          Still Crazy after All These Years         Fly Me to the Moon
Cliff Richard             Cloudy                                    Two a Penny (1968)
Cliff Richard             For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her        Sincerely, Cliff (1969)
Cliff Richard             Homeward Bound
Cliff Richard             Patterns                                  Two a Penny (1968)
Cliff Richard             Red Rubber Ball                           Two a Penny (1968)
Dana Valery               You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies
David Essex               For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her        Rock On (1974)
David Sanborn             I Do It for Your Love                     David Sanborn (1975)
Davy Graham               Anji
Davy Graham               Bridge Over Troubled Water
Davy Graham               Homeward Bound
Del Shannon               Red Rubber Ball
Dixie Hummingbirds        Loves Me Like a Rock
Dramatics                 Bridge Over Troubled Water                Postive State of Mind (1989)
Elvis Presley             Bridge Over Troubled Water                Heart and Soul (1995)
Emmy-Lou Harris           The Boxer                                 Roses in the Snow
Everything But the Girl   The Only Living Boy in New York
Fantastic Strings         Bridge Over Troubled Water                My Favorite
Fantastic Strings         Mrs. Robinson                             My Favorite
Fattburger                Feelin' Groovy                            One of a Kind (1985)
Floyd Cramer              Bridge Over Troubled Water                Easy Listening Favorites
Franck Pourcel            Bridge Over Troubled Water
Frank Sinatra             Mrs. Robinson                             My Way (1986)
Frankie Laine             The Sound of Silence                      Best of (1993)
Free Trade                Bleecker Street                           Free Trade (1994)
Gary Puckett              Keep the Customer Satisfied               Looking Glass (1992)
Gerry Monroe              Bridge Over Troubled Water
Glen Campbell             Bridge Over Troubled Water                All-Time Favorites (1991)
Grass Roots               I Am a Rock                               Where Were You (1994)
Guild Light Cage          Cloudy
Guy Darrell               Blessed
Harpers Bizarre           Feelin' Groovy
Harry Belafonte           Scarborough Fair / Canticle
Harry Sacksioni           Anji
Harvey Andrews            A Most Peculiar Man
Henry Mancini             Bridge Over Troubled Water                Moon River (1993)
Hiroko Kokubu             Mrs. Robinson                             Pure Heart (1995)
Intruders                 Mother and Child Reunion                  Cowboys to Girls (1995)
Jack Jones                Homeward Bound
Jackson 5                 Bridge Over Troubled Water                Third Album (1971)
James Last                Scarborough Fair                          Romantic Dreams (1987)
James Taylor              Mrs. Robinson                             Mission Impossible (1996)
Jan and Dean              Baby Talk
Joan Baez                 The Boxer                                 Joan Baez Live
Joan Baez                 The Dangling Conversation                 Joan (1967)
Joanie Bartels            Feelin' Groovy                            Morning Magic (1987)
Joe Loss                  Bridge Over Troubled Water
John Chambers             Red Rubber Ball
John Sefton, Abe Bartholomew     Bridge Over Troubled Water         S&G's Greatest Hits      [02]
John Sefton, Abe Bartholomew     Cecilia                            (Windmill 123, 1972)     [05]
John Sefton, Abe Bartholomew     Homeward Bound                     "                        [06]
John Sefton, Abe Bartholomew     I Am A Rock                        "                        [08]
John Sefton, Abe Bartholomew     Keep The Customer Satisfied        "                        [01]
John Sefton, Abe Bartholomew     Mrs. Robinson                      "                        [07]
John Sefton, Abe Bartholomew     Scarborough Fair / Canticle        "                        [09]
John Sefton, Abe Bartholomew     The Boxer                          "                        [03]
John Sefton, Abe Bartholomew     The Sound Of Silence               "                        [04]
Johnny Mann               Mrs. Robinson                             Best of (1995)
Johnny Mathis             Feelin' Groovy
Johnny Rivers             For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
Julie Felix               El Condor Pasa
Kamiko Itoh               Bridge Over Troubled Water                Follow Me
Kenneth McKellar          Scarborough Fair / Canticle
King Curtis               Bridge Over Troubled Water
King's Singers            50 Ways to Leave Your Lover               Good Vibrations (1993)
King's Singers            Cecilia                                   Good Vibrations (1993)
King's Singers            The Boxer                                 Good Vibrations (1993)
Larry Rice                Bleecker Street                           Artesia
Lemonheads                Mrs. Robinson                             It's a Shame about Ray (1992)
Linda Eder                Bridge Over Troubled Water                So-Much More (1994)
Lois Lane                 Punky's Dilemma
London Symph. Orchestra   America                                   Plays Simon & Garfunkel  [12]
London Symph. Orchestra   A Hazy Shade of Winter                    (DCD 5423)               [03]
London Symph. Orchestra   Bridge Over Troubled Water                "                        [07]
London Symph. Orchestra   Bright Eyes                               "                        [11]
London Symph. Orchestra   Feelin' Groovy                            "                        [05]
London Symph. Orchestra   Homeward Bound                            "                        [02]
London Symph. Orchestra   I Am a Rock                               "                        [06]
London Symph. Orchestra   Mother and Child Reunion                  "                        [01]
London Symph. Orchestra   Mrs. Robinson                             "                        [08]
London Symph. Orchestra   Scarborough Fair                          "                        [09]
London Symph. Orchestra   The Boxer                                 "                        [04]
London Symph. Orchestra   The Sound of Silence                      "                        [10]
Marianne Faithfull        Scarborough Fair
Marsha Hunt               Keep the Customer Satisfied
Mary O'Hara               Bridge Over Troubled Water                At Royal Festival Hall
Mary Travers              Song for the Asking
Mel Tormé                 Red Rubber Ball
Merry Clayton             Bridge Over Troubled Water
Michelle Shocked          Stranded in a Limousine                   Texas Campfire Tapes
Mike Bloomfield           Feelin' Groovy                            The Live Adventures of ...
Mormon Tabernacle         Bridge Over Troubled Water                Songs from America's Heart
Morningtown Strings       Red Rubber Ball
Nana Mouskouri            Bridge Over Troubled Water                Magic of (1989)
Neil Diamond              Red Rubber Ball
Oak Ridge Boys            Loves Me Like a Rock                      Back to Back (1994)
Patrick Williams          Still Crazy after All These Years         10th Avenue (1987)
Paul Butterfield          The Boxer
Paul Desmond              Was a Sunny Day                           Skylark (1973)
Paul Mauriat              Bridge Over Troubled Water                Love Is Blue (1987)
Peaches and Herb          The Sound of Silence
Perry Como                Bridge Over Troubled Water                Today and Yesterday (1993)
Petter Yarrow             Groundhog
Phoebe Snow               Something So Right                        Never Letting Go (1977)
Queensryche               Scarborough Fair
Randy California          Mother and Child Reunion
Raul DiBlasio             Bridge Over Troubled Water                DiBlasio Latino Piano (1995)
Ray Charles               Still Crazy after All These Years         My World (1993)
Ray Price                 Bridge Over Troubled Water                Greatest Hits (1995)
Richard Anthony           I Wish You Could Be Here
Richard Clayderman        Bridge Over Troubled Water                14 Exitos Internacionales
Richard Elliot            Bridge Over Troubled Water                After Dark (1994)
Ricky Skaggs              Leaves that Are Green                     Country Gentleman (1970)
Roberta Flack             Bridge Over Troubled Water                Quiet Fire (1971)
Ron Goodwin               Bridge Over Troubled Water
Ronnie Dyson              Bridge Over Troubled Water                All-Time Golden Classics
Roy Orbison               Bridge Over Troubled Water
Sandra Bernhard           50 Ways to Leave Your Lover               Excuses for Bad Behavior
September Strings         April Come She Will                       Play Simon & Garfunkel   [03]
September Strings         Bridge Over Troubled Water                (Laserlight 12448)       [10]
September Strings         Feelin' Groovy                            "                        [09]
September Strings         Homeward Bound                            "                        [04]
September Strings         I Am a Rock                               "                        [05]
September Strings         Leaves that Are Green                     "                        [08]
September Strings         Mrs. Robinson                             "                        [06]
September Strings         Scarbrough Fair / Canticle                "                        [07]
September Strings         The Boxer                                 "                        [02]
September Strings         The Sound of Silence                      "                        [01]
Shawn Colvin              Kathy's Song                              Live '88 (1995)
Shirley Bassey            Bridge Over Troubled Water
Smoky Robinson            Cecilia
Spectrum                  Red Rubber Ball
Stanley Jordan            The Sound of Silence                      Standards Vol. 1 (1987)
Stanton Davis             Bleecker Street                           Manhattan Melody (1995)
Starland Vocal            American Tune                             Afternoon Delight (1995)
Stefan Grossman           Anji
Stephane Grapelli         50 Ways to Leave Your Lover               Bringing It Together (1984)
Stevie Wonder             Bridge Over Troubled Water
Susan Werner              Something So Right                        Last Good Straight Girls
Temprees                  Something So Right                        Love Maze (1995)
The Animals               Richard Cory
The Bachelors             The Sound of Silence
The Bangles               A Hazy Shade of Winter
The Cadillacs             Slip Slidin' Away                         Have You Heard the News
The Cyrkle                Cloudy
The Cyrkle                I Wish You Could Be Here
The Cyrkle                Red Rubber Ball
The Hollies               I Am a Rock
The Laurels               Baby Talk
The Miracles              Bridge Over Troubled Water
The Persuasions           Slip Slidin' Away
The Quiet Five            Homeward Bound
The Seekers               Cloudy
The Seekers               Feelin' Groovy
The Seekers               Red Rubber Ball                           Best of Today (1979)
The Seekers               Someday, One Day
The Supremes              Bridge Over Troubled Water
The Vikings               Red Rubber Ball
Them                      Richard Cory
Tom Jones                 Bridge Over Troubled Water                Live at Caeser's Palace
Toots Thielmans           I Do It for Your Love                     Compact Jazz (1987)
Toots Thielmans           Still Crazy after All These Years         Apple Dimple (1979)
Trinidad Carnival         You Can Call Me Al                        Steelbands of Trinidad
Trio Rococo               The Sound of Silence                      Friends (1996)
Val Doonican              Carlos Dominguez
Val Doonican              Feelin' Groovy
Wailing Souls             Mother and Child Reunion                  Live On (1995)
Walton Ornato             Graceland                                 California Suite (1991)
White Eisenstein          America                                   Old Friends Vol. 1 (1990)
White Eisenstein          El Condor Pasa                            Old Friends Vol. 1 (1990)
White Eisenstein          Old Friends                               Old Friends Vol. 1 (1990)
White Eisenstein          Scarborough Fair                          Old Friends Vol. 1 (1990)
Whitstein Bros.           Bridge Over Troubled Water                Rose of My Heart (1984)
Whitstein Bros.           The Sound of Silence                      Sweet Harmony (1996)
Willie Nelson             American Tune                             Across the Borderline (1993)
Willie Nelson             Bridge Over Troubled Water                Always on My Mind (1987)
Willie Nelson             Graceland                                 Across the Borderline (1993)
Wings                     Richard Cory                              Wings over America (1980)
Yes                       America                                   The New Age of America
Yma Sumac                 El Condor Pasa